covid-19 precautions

Our Commitment

The first priority of the Foot Tennis Tournament is the safety of the players. If ant any point the organizers feel that any player is at risk to being exposed the COVID-19 proper precautions will be taken to possibly include canceling the tournament. If the tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, refunds will be issued. We guarantee that the following precautions will take place.

1.      The tournament will conform to the current public health order.

2.      Players, officials and staff will wear masks.

3.      Spectators will not be allowed to enter the facility. Games will be live streamed on New Mexico Rush Facebook page

4.      The facility will be professionally cleaned prior to the tournament.

5.      Players will not be allowed to shake hands of opposing teams or come into any contact.

6.      Players will be registered to switch sides at the opposite ends of the net.

7.      There will only be three playing surfaces inside the facility.

8.      Courts will be separated by 15 feet

9.      Hand sanitizer stations will be present inside the bathroom, and the entrance to the facility.

10.   Teams are limited to two people.

11.   Players will not be allowed to touch the ball with their hands unless they are serving

12.   Each team will serve the ball three consecutive times no matter who scores. After the teams service, the ball will be handed to the referee, who will the sanitize the ball. Ball will be sanitized in-between services and matches.

13.   There will be adequate time in-between matches to ensure teams are not inside the facility waiting to play.


14.   An official will be present at all three playing services to ensure safety measures are followed.